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Angelina depuis 1903

Our story began in 1903, when the passionate confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer founded Angelina, which he named after his beloved daughter-in-law. Over the last 120 years, our tearoom has become the epitome of French sophistication.
From the moment we opened our doors, we became the place to be among the who’s who of Parisian society. A place to delight one self whilst rubbing shoulders with Proust and Coco Chanel, in an interior decorated by the renowned Belle Epoque architect Edouard Jean Niermans, filled with light and Riviera paintings. To visit Angelina’s is to step into Paris at its finest and French delicacies at their most exquisite.

Our Iconic Creations

Old-fashioned Hot Chocolate

It has taken over 120 years to perfect Angelina’s signature blend of
bespoke African Cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast. It’s the one
that has never been equalled, the one that Parisians queue for in the
midst of winter. Come enjoy it in our New York locations, or savor it from
the warmth of your home.

The Mont-Blanc

Could there be a pastry that captures Angelina’s passion and know-how
better than the Mont-Blanc? We doubt it. As our signature creation, it
offers a unique combination of crackling meringue, airy-light whipped
cream and chestnut paste vermicelli that has led a lasting impression
on everyone who has ever tried it since 1903.


Our Sweet Products Range

The Angelina delicatessen range is available in our Bryant Park flagship as well as in other high-end food stores, offering the opportunity tobring back home the best of Angelina’s. You can take away a bottle of our iconic Hot Chocolate, or our signature Mont-Blanc pastry. Alsoavailable are eight varieties of teas, including the famous “Mélange Angelina” blend; confectioneries, spreads, caramels and jams.

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