Individual Pastries


The Mont-Blanc is the signature pastry of Angelina. The recipe was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Angelina pastry chefs and has remained unchanged since.


Trocadéro is a comforting and delicate creation for wintertime: the perfect mix of milk chocolate ganache, light whipped cream, and a crunchy biscuit.

Éclair chocolat

An eclair that reveals all the intense flavors of chocolate in both the cream filling and the icing. A creation for true chocolate lovers!


This basic essential in the French pastry repertoire has been reinterpreted by Angelina chefs. The caramelized pastry layers contrast with a light vanilla cream.

Tarte au citron

Enjoy the expertly balanced sweet and tart flavors of our Tarte au Citron. This classic French dessert is filled with smooth lemon cream & candied lemon.

Mont-Blanc framboise-litchi

The Mont-Blanc framboise litchi is our seasonal signature pastry. The recipe remains the same as our signature but with a heart of raspberry rose and litchi jelly.

Tarte mangue

Our seasonal mango tart is served in a sweet dough shell, mango compote, center of mango gelee and fresh mango. An homage to the tropics.

Cheesecake cassis

Angelina offers its version of the New York signature pastry with a delicate Philadelphia cream, black current jelly, almond biscuit and crunchy lime.