Individual Pastries


Could there be a pastry that captures Angelina’s passion and know-how better than the Mont-Blanc? We doubtit. As our signature creation, it offers a unique combination of crackling meringue, airy-light whipped cream and chestnut paste vermicelli that has led a lasting impression on everyone who has ever tried it since 1903.


As comforting as it is delicate, the Trocadero is a wonderful mix of milk chocolate ganache, light whipped cream and a crunchy biscuit that tastes as good as it looks.

Éclair chocolat

Our interpretation of the French classic that delivers intense flavors of chocolate in both the cream filling andthe icing. Simply irresistible to chocolate lovers.


As a lesser known - yet essential- part of the French pastry repertoire, the Millefeuille has been reinterpreted by Angelina’s chefs to interweave layers of caramelized pastry with a light vanilla cream. Glorious.

Tarte au citron

The expertly balanced sweet and tart flavors make our Tarte au Citron one of a kind. This classic French dessert is filled with smooth lemon cream & candied lemon.

Cheesecake Marron

Our special pastry for this month is the Cheesecake Marron. This hommage to New York City blended with our signature chestnut is available until end of January. It’s a French take on a New York classic.

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