Pastries To Share

Prepare to feel proud with our French Pastries & delights to share

Some desserts feel so exceptional that they instantly elevate any dining experience. This is the case of our cakes to share, available in two formats.

From four to six people: $40 + tax

From six to eight people: $56 + tax

Call us to order, and we will prepare your dessert in-house. It will be ready for pickup in our Bryant Park location 48 hours later.


The Mont-Blanc is the signature pastry of Angelina. The recipe was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Angelina pastry chefs and has remained unchanged since.


Trocadéro is a comforting and delicate creation for wintertime: the perfect mix of milk chocolate ganache, light whipped cream, and a crunchy biscuit.


This basic essential in the French pastry repertoire has been reinterpreted by Angelina chefs. The caramelized pastry layers contrast with a light vanilla cream which are highlighted by the infusion of vanilla pods.

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